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VICTORIA gutter and grate

VICTORIA gutter and grate

VICTORIA gutter and grate

Dimensions: diameter 248 cm
Number of people: 5
Volume of water: 1000 l
Price incl. VAT: from 6709,- € *

*  the price is incl. 21% VAT EXW

Equipment and supplies (surcharge):
  • Control and filtration technology
  • Control system including digital temperature control
  • Digital pH and free chlorine measurement
  • Air massage
  • Water massage
  • Lighting LED white, LED changing colours
  • Automatic user detection - automatic start with time limit
  • Token-operated switch
  • Buffer tank
  • Thermal insulation foam filling
  • Custom changes after consulting (control system adjustment etc.)

The basic price includes:
  • White shell including laminated aluminium frame

VICTORIA gutter and grateVICTORIA gutter and grate

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