The four-step assemblage of the massage system
1. Pool model 2. System 3. Accessories 4. Order
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JANETTE skimmer

JANETTE skimmer

JANETTE skimmer
Dimensions: 175x193 cm
Number of people: 3
Number of massage positions: 7
Volume of water: 700 l
Price excl. VAT: 3962,- €*
Price incl. 15% VAT:** 4556,- €*

* Price is EXW and pool is at the basic design.
** The above prices include a reduced rate of VAT that  can  be used for  massage pools intended for domestic use. The reduced rate of 15% VAT applies to domestic use and for flats and houses for social housing (total floor area of max. 120 m2 for apartment, 350 m2 for family houses).

Equipment and supplies (surcharge):
  • Illumination color (RGB) spot
  • Filtration (sand or glass) incl. system control
  • Water heating 3000W with hot water control
  • The addition of stainless steel jet MINI
  • Air heating
  • Automatic filling and refilling
  • Automatic draining
  • Thermal insulation foam filling
  • Ozone generator
  • Thermo cover of pool JANETTE

The basic price includes:
  • White shell including laminated aluminium frame

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